Grand Tetons/ Yellowstone National Park

Wide open spaces, amazing views, and mountains that seem to touch the sky. Definitely a spot that should not be missed when in Wyoming. What can be said about Yellowstone that hasn’t been said thousands of times.

Mormon Barn, Jackson Hole
Jenny Lake, Grand Tetons Wyoming
Leigh Lake, Grand Tetons Wyoming
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, Lower Falls
There will be no shortage of bison when visiting Yellowstone
Unlike the endless number of bison you will see, bear are a bit more scarce
The smell of sulphur was unmistakable when entering the hot springs section of the park. Prismatic Springs was unreal with colors. For reference of size notice the people standing on the boardwalk
A trip to Yellowstone would not be complete without a stop by Old Faithful
While Elk were not as plentiful as bison we did manage to spot a few here and there
Who knew there was more than one Grand Canyon in the U.S.