Lightning & Stars

I first started getting into photography when a friend shared a photo of the Milky Way. Ever since I saw it I knew I wanted to try to capture a photo of the stars and the Milky Way core. Along the way I would try to snap some pics of lightning and thunderstorms, as long as it’s from a safe distance of course.

I like to call this one “Paris Barn”. Was driving on a highway west of Indianapolis and saw this awesome barn. Stopped and met the owner, Mrs. Paris. Asked if I could take some pics of the Milky Way over her barn. Can’t wait to go back for more
Lightning over Badlands in South Dakota. This is my first picture I was ever able to capture lightning. It’s a grainy version as I did not yet understand what all those crazy numbers and dials meant on my camera, but still happy to catch it, and knew I wanted to learn more of how to succeed in photography
A single image from an approaching storm west of Indy. Set in my truck in a field for this one. So happy I was able to catch it
Comet Neowise over Racoon Lake
Comet Neowise over Danville, Indiana
Before the storm hit
Always get big storms rolling in spring and summer time
Slept on the bank of Sugar Creek for a 3am shot of the Milky Way
Just standing in a soy bean field looking up
Milky Way over Racoon Lake